Saturday, 22 November 2014

Burger King terminating contract of over 89 franchises

Burger King is commonly known as BK. Burger King owns and runs a global chain of fast food restaurants. The company is known as one of the most expanded with respect to its stores in the world. It is one of the most reputable well known global chains of fast food restaurants. People who loves fast food, loves going to BKW to eat their tasty succulent burgers. The company believes and guarantees producing the best quality foods for its customers. However, the recent news tells that Burger King has planned to axe 89 franchises.
The fast food giant, Burger King announced that it will be terminating contracts of over 89 franchises and outlets because of continued poor treatment of staff and poor hygiene. This move turned out to be effective immediately but the German franchise holder said to be operating the outlets until the foods stocks is finished. Burger King said that it was a “difficult but necessary decision was taken after Yi-Ko repeatedly failed to observe contractually fixed working conditions for its 3,000 restaurant staff. Then move affects 89 of the fast food chain's almost 700 German outlets, and 3,000 employees now face an uncertain future.”
As the local news has reported that a few franchised outlets have already been shut down. Many of the outlets had already been temporarily closed for improvements to hygiene standards and working conditions. The head of Burger King's German operations, Andreas Bork earlier said that “After the hygiene scandal in May there were many improvements, but since the summer there were fresh breaches of existing agreements. We are now putting an end to it with this decision. Its other 599 restaurants in Germany would continue to operate as normal.”

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