Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Amazon is the dominant force in cloud computing

Recently, Amazon surpassed other top companies when it upgraded its cloud computer services and solutions. Google Inc. and Amazon are two of the biggest Information Technology companies in the market. Both of these companies have developed huge networks within their companies in order to keep their businesses going. Recently, Google fell behind Amazon as the fastest growing business. Google Inc. has built one of the most powerful cloud networks of data centers in the world which could manage over more than three billion search queries every single day. Hence, the company’s ambitions were to move forward as the one of the fasting growing businesses. However, now the company is trying to catch Amazon as it fell behind in the fast-growing business of renting out computing horsepower to others.

AMZN is best known for selling almost everything from books to movies and clothes and electronics as well as power tools. Nytimes.com reported that “Amazon Web Services already provides so-called cloud computing services at low prices for customers including the Central Intelligence Agency and Netflix. Amazon is trying to get more tech dollars from business customers by also offering services and processes that make it a competitor to traditional suppliers of business technology like Oracle.”
A senior analyst at Gartner, Lydia Leong gave her expertise views on advanced technology and cloud computing. She said “Two years ago, public clouds were maybe 2 percent of all computing workloads. Now they are more than 10 percent. By 2018, it will be more than 50 percent.”
Google’s Director of cloud business for corporations gave his views as to why companies now prefer cloud computing and services over anything. “The cloud is cheaper, but that is not really what is driving companies into it. They want to be more experimental, faster, data driven. This is part of a larger change inside companies.”

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