Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tesla Needs To Strategize For Model X

Tesla Model deliveries postponed due to power failure.

Tesla Motors Inc.’s was all set to launch its much anticipated sports utility vehicle (SUV), namely Model X in the times to come. However, according to recent news, the company might not be able to make deliveries on time since the electric car giant’s automotive operations came to a sudden halt when a power failure was embraced at its factory situated in Fremont, California.
According to the news by CNBC, a crane working at the factory by mistake brought down the electricity wiring on Friday.  This electricity wiring was connected to the factory of Tesla Motors as suggested by their correspondent.  After the power failure occurred, Tesla told all its workers that do not work at their factories to carry on with their operations at home or from the company’s other office.
A tweet was published by the Fremont Police Department according to which, “Loud alarm sounding near Tesla is isolated to the Tesla Plant. FPD and @fFremontFire are not involved. Media - please contact @TeslaMotors.” However, no casualties were reported whatsoever.
PG&E Corporation which is a utility company situated in California worked tirelessly to overcome the power failure. The electricity breakdown occurred in the morning and was expected to be fixed by afternoon. The utility supply company also reassured about this news to popular web based platform Reuters where it claimed that some of PG&E Corporation’s client along with Tesla were affected by this incident.
Before this news surfaced in the industry, several analytical forms believed that Tesla will not be able to deliver its Mode; X on time. Mr. Elon Musk, the chief executive officer at Tesla Motors earlier claimed that its Model X is one the most difficult car to manufacture across the globe. Their website also claims that their manufacturing plants are “one of the world’s most advanced automotive factories.”
Apart from this, Tesla is also working on another one of a king SUV that is likely to be launched in September. But according to the recent news, the deliveries are likely to be postponed till October and will also have an impact on other deliveries committed for FY15.
According the results for the second quarter of FY15, the company had to revise its delivery mechanism since there were several complexities associated with Model X that will in return effect the productivity of Model S since both these cars are being manufactured at one plant only.