Saturday, 9 January 2016

Alibaba Delivery Service Compromised Due To Terrible Roads In Rural China

Alibaba will be opting for the 'Alibaba Everywhere' approach to expand in the rural areas of the country.

Alibaba Group Holding is the leading tech company in China. The online retailer, being the biggest, has all the power in its hands to change the industry with its move. It has amazing reputation in the urban areas of the country but it is hungry for opportunities to expand its reach in the less developed areas of China, the northern rural side.
Regardless of the challenges it might face, Alibaba is all set to proceed, considering the fact that it will be very tough to deliver the goods to customers in those areas on time. Alibaba Group strategy for this year tells that the firm wants to grow its operations in the biggest cities of the country. This further includes putting more focus on online grocery and online sales in Beijing.
The ecommerce company said, “Beijing is a gateway for serving the some 400 million people in the less developed northern territories”. This strategy is termed as ‘Alibaba everywhere’ and this approach will act as a pivot for the rural areas to buy their desired goods and products from its online marketplaces.
The Wall Street Journal said that the e-commerce behemoth’s progress and growth is slowing down in the urban areas of the country, which is why it is more inclined towards the rural areas and set to build roads in such untapped regions.
It is true that being everywhere is a very tough challenge. The company’s approach for this year is no piece of cake as well, considering the fact that the postal system of China is extremely unreliable because there are less distribution centers overall and the roads in the rural areas are in a poor condition.
The Wall Street Journal added that Alibaba’s online sales in the country would surpass $356 billion this year. “In large cities, that means millions of packages being delivered by couriers zipping through streets on scooters. In far-flung communities, though, getting deliveries is a more cumbersome venture,” the Journal added.
This will indeed be a big challenge, as Alibaba Group will have to consider all issues before finally taking such step. It has already said to battle with the terrible roads of the rural areas but this is not it. The firm will have to take care of China’s postal system first. The main reason is the fewer number of domestic retail chains in the region when compared to the United States. 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Netflix All Set To Expand In India

Industry executives suggest that Netflix is on the verge of launching in India.
Netflix announced that it has plans to expand in India in the upcoming year. The internet TV firm was expected to launch its services in India in the first few months of 2016. Prior to its launch in the region, the company has already decided to work on an Indian content for the very first time since its inception. The only reason was to engage with the Indian audience and to create hype prior to its entry in the market.
According to the industry executives of India, it is believed that the vigorous global expansion of Netflix is all set to reach India finally. There was crazy demand for a long period of time and the streaming giant, at last, is fulfilling the requirements of its consumers throughout the globe. The company expects to be in every single country by the end of this year. The streaming service provider is basically expanding almost everywhere where there is high speed internet connectivity as well as good population. Netflix realizes that India is an important market for its business as majority of its population are known for paying ‘pennies for their latest Bollywood fix’.
The streaming giant was in immense pressure lately when it faced troubles in its home country where its user growth stalled surprisingly. The company failed to add estimated new users due to slow growth. This is why the NFLX opts for plan B i.e. to grow internationally and in the second largest populated country, India. Sources suggest that more than 1.3 billion people are usually online in India and this is considered as one of the biggest steps for Netflix in Asia.
As IBN Live reports, “Netflix declined to comment on its plans but industry executives told Reuters they expect an India announcement as early as this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where co-founder and Chief Executive Reed Hastings is scheduled to talk about the company's international expansion.”
According to an analyst at Counterpoint Technology Research, Tarun Pathak, stated that the internet TV firm is entering India at the right time. The trend of using internet and watching movies is significantly upwards. Various studies show that most Indian users access their smartphones for going online as they have the latest 4G mobile internet technology easily available to them. “We expect at least one in two mobile devices sold this year to be 4G equipped,” Mr. Pathak added.
Netflix has said to be working on more Indian content in the near future.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Samsung Dolby Atmos Soundbar Includes Wireless Capabilities and Convenience

Samsung brings HW-K950, which is going to be the first soundbar to have a pair of wireless speakers in the box, promising more convenience to customers who have less space.

Samsung Electronics is bringing more convenience and comfort to its customers, a great start to the year. The latest soundbar by the tech giant will consist of Dolby Atmos wireless speakers in its HK-K950. Due to its wireless capabilities, the soundbar will be able to connect with subwoofers and the rear speakers wirelessly, providing the customer with the convenience of not dragging one speaker to another place in order to connect wires.
The Galaxy maker’s HK-K950 has two upward and three forward facings speakers, which can also connect with the company’s wireless audio 360 enabling users to control the speakers with their smartphones, tablets and even company’s wearable gadgets.
The 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos is mainly used in cinemas and theatres and is known for delivering the best audio. However, there is one minor setback for customer who will be buying this soundbar for their homes. This system will be compatible with a limited number of movies that support Atmos. The price of this latest product by the best smartphones maker is not yet revealed.
The company has started the year 2016 with this new addition to its audio products portfolio. The vice president of visual display business, John JY Kim, said, “Our 2016 lineup of audio products offers the most immersive sound ever experienced in the homeSamsung’s new soundbar with Dolby Atmos tech, delivers the ultimate in cinematic home entertainment, especially when paired with Samsung’s new SUHD TVs.”
HK-K950 is the first product of the business that consists of Dolby equipment. It has also made some additions to its Radiant360 or Wireless Audio 360 entertainment systems. The Radiant360 now has an enhanced picture quality with an efficient touch interface. Not just this but also the compatibility with the company’s wearables, Gear S2 and Gear S, provides smart technology to the audience, enabling them to control the systems with their smart watches.
Samsung is attracting a wide number of customers to its audio products, especially the ones who have not yet experienced the product. The extra speakers in HK-K950 are similar to Yamaha’s YSP-5600 soundbar, which has Dolby’s 7.1.2 system. This system will provide customers with a cinematic experience at the comfort of their homes, giving a 3-D audio quality.
The time of the release of this system is not revealed yet. Music enthusiasts are excited and waiting impatiently. Similarly, Samsung’s management is also striving to meet the expectations and deliver the product with full support.