Thursday, 30 October 2014

Twitter tumbling over again

TWTR is experiencing a rough patch now with their stock price increasing but their active daily users declining at a fast pace. The company again announced recently that their hard work of attracting new active users in the previous quarters did not compound really useful results.

Previously the company was doing quite well in terms of revenues as well as active users but since the time the company has started to focus on competing with the social media giants, the problems have initiated slacking their growth. In terms of advertisements Twitter is not even doing well there. Since it follows a set limitation for the characters used, and hardly a few times pictures are used to support those characters then who would want to invest in such a forum? Moreover, advertisers also choose those platforms that have a broader reach. They just don’t opt for slacking forums.

The strategy used by TWTR is effective for the time being but in the long run this strategy will only result in a decline in their process. Moreover TWTR also made some major marketing blunders that resulted in great misery for them such as their McDonald campaign going wrong. They introduced hash tag for McDonalds where people could talk about their memories but soon the forum started to be used by people for barging their frustration resulting in losing potential clients.
You can’t really make such blunders when you are facing a harsh patch because a slight mistake can drive the ball out of your court. This is just one potential blunder that TWTR made, there are many that resulted in utter chaos.

The problem that surrounds TWTR is that they are aiming quite high. They don’t really want to grasp the fact that they are not competition to Facebook. The niche market of Facebook is fairly high and in order to reach that TWTR needs at least five to six years. It is not possible in a quarter to come on par with the industry giants. Plus TWTR is quite different in mechanism and most people really can’t comprehend to the way it functions. Hence TWTR now needs to focus before it starts losing grip on those users who love TWTR anyhow. In quest of finding more active users, you might just stumble with the old ones.

The top 5 horror movies on Netflix

The trick or treat season is just round the corner and many people might be figuring out what movies to stack up in order to make this day memorable. So here are the top five movies available on NFLX that will certainly make your Halloween worth all the chills and shrills. Although NFLX itself has a collection of horror movies but these five movies are certainly the fest of the lot.

Dust Devil and Hardware

These two movies are quite different in nature as compared to other conventional horror movies you would find on NFLX. The director Richard Stanley has not followed the predefined footsteps of traditional horror movies but has taken a step ahead to come up with his take on such movies. So if you are open to creative content and believe that there can be horror world beyond witches, ghosts and wizards then this is just right for you.

Galaxy of terror

This movie is a Roger Corman production that actually has the oomph to drive you away to a world of alienation. The worm rape in the movie will have a drastic impact on your mind giving you just the right energy this Halloween.  The sequel of the movie was also released five years later.




Ichi the Killer

This movie is certainly not for those who have a weak metabolism since you will be found puking around after the movie. This movie is inspired by Japanese manga and is their take on classic horror movies. The characters can be also used for Halloween making it a perfect Halloween night movie experience.





Nightmare City
This is another classic that is available on NFLX. This movie is a great movie for all zombie lovers who enjoy watching zombies running here and there. The movie has a captivating plot and is primarily suitable for mature audience since the scenes might have a negative impact on young minds. There are beastly scenes also in the movie that make it an entertaining thriller
Hence these five movies are there present in your NFLX you just need to grab your snacks and make your Halloween memorable while simply slouching on your couch. These movies will give you a dose of horror as well as give you a different approach on trashy horror movies.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Twitter A Shortcut To Catch Up With A Large Audience

Still, there are many people who are misunderstanding the purpose of TWTR and due to this misconception people are thinking and considering that having a twitter account is futile. But the fact is using twitter and having your personal account there have different benefits.
Each of us has had and still living a different life, with unique hobbies & passion. This has made us known as a specialized species. Let's take a look. What if we all get a chance to peek in each others mind and share our opinions related to the roads we have never travelled? Well with twitter now it's possible.
Twitter (TWTR) is a skeleton, which can be managed by us. As a user we bring twitter to life. On this platform, we can share everything, which we have on our minds. On this social media forum we can talk about anything and this could result in as a tool of distilling understanding of the world into the most absorb able format.

Imagine a scientist, reading and exploring more about the new advanced technology all day. Via TWTR it has been possible for themselves to share their research with the world and the most challenging part of them in this entire sharing process is to compress what they have researched from the past days into 140 characters and tweet them on this social networking site. This is one perfect example for us to believe how Twitter could be useful and how sharing your thoughts with the world could be so simple and effective.
Ever visualizing these facts, we all know that these tweets won’t make us high tech experts in all areas, but the fact is in this competitive environment we don’t have time to hold the details of everything. Twitter has been a path and a shortcut and the best alternative for sharing your views and reading with a large audience in no time.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Revenues Generated In The Fiscal Year 2014 By IBM

IBM has announced $4.12 diluted per share, which is higher than the amount the company has earned in the prior year.  Overall an increase of 42 percent has increased.  Diluted earnings for non GAAP operating  section was $4.32 per diluted share, when compared to the prior year the amount was increased 34 percent. 
“In the second quarter, we made further progress on our transformation.  We performed well in our strategic imperatives around cloud, big data and analytics, security and mobile,” said Ginni Rometty, IBM chairman, president and chief executive officer.  “We will continue to extend and leverage our unique strengths to address the emerging trends in enterprise IT and transform our business, positioning ourselves for growth over the long term.”

This year in the second quarter the net income  generated by IBM  was $ 4.1 billion, after the comparison from the prior year, an increase of 28 percent was highlighted  means, last year the total net income generated was $3.2 billion. Non-GAAP operating income generated was $4.3 billion this year in the second quarter and in the prior year the amount was $3.6 billion last year in the same quarter.
In the second quarter of this fiscal year the total revenue was 2 percent down,  The total amount of revenue generated by the company was $24.4 billion. This year, IBM is expecting full year diluted earnings per share  of approximate $17 and non GAAP operating income per diluted share of $18.

Geographically, The revenue generated by IBM (America) in the second quarter of this year was $10.6 billion and this amount highlights a decrement of 1 percent, when compared to the prior year. For Europe/ Middle East/ Africa the percentage was increased by 1 percent. From the market growth the revenues were down 7% and the revenues earned by the BRIC was increased 2 %.
Form Global technology service section the Pre-Tax income was  increased 22 percent and the margin  was increased 19.2 percent. Along with this the Pre-Tax of Global Business Services was 34 percent higher and the margin of this category was increased up to 17.8 percent. IBM ended the second quarter with $9.7 billion cash in  hand and with $3.0 billion generated cash from free cash flow, excluding the amount of $0.3 billion  from Global Financing  Receivables. To the shareholder, IBM has returned $4.8 billion through the gross share of $3.7 billion and dividends of $1.1 billion. 

$27.6 Billion Revenue Generated By Hewlett Packard

In 2014 the second revenue results have highlighted that Hewlett Packard has managed to generate $27.6 billion revenue and this shows an increment of 1 percent, when compared to the prior year. GAAP diluted net earnings per share was decreased up to $0.52 in the third quarter of 2014, when compared to the prior year.  Third quarter Non-GAAP earnings per diluted shares were $0.89 and this shows an increment of 3 percent from the prior year. This year the third quarter of cash flow recorded from the operations are $3.6 billion, which has been increased 36 percent from the previous year 2013.

 In the Asset Management section, Hewlett-Packard has generated $3.6 billion from operations in cash flow this year in the third quarter, when compared to the prior year, an increment of 36 percent has been recorded in the financial statements. The inventory was down 1 percent and this year in the fourth quarter inventory was ended at $6.2 billion and accounts payable ended at $15.1 billion.

This year in the third quarter, Hewlett-Packard’s personal system revenue was increased by 12 percent with a 4 percent operating margin. 6 percent year over year with the operating margin of 4.1 percent, enterprise service revenue was generated by Hewlett-Packard, the printing revenue was decreased by 4 percent year over year. The Hewlett-Packard software revenue was 5 percent lower than the prior year and each year it has been decreased by the same percentage, while this year the operating margin for the software segment was 21.2 percent.
In the third quarter HP has managed to return $881 million to the shareholders in the form of dividends and stock repurchases. Today the stock market has highlighted that today the share price of Hewlett-Packard Company (HPQ) is $35.37, with an increment of $0.10 or 0.28 percent. After hours the recorded figure shown by the NewYork stock exchange is $35.07, with the change of 0.85 percent or $0.30. On the basis of day’s the highest share price recorded is $35.03 and the highest is $35.50 and on a weekly basis, past 52 week evaluation has highlighted that the highest figure is $38.25 and the lowest is $20.25. The previously closed price highlighted today was $35.27 and the opening rate of the Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HPQ) shares was $35.23. Today the market cap is $66.01B, with the P/E ratio of 13.29.