Thursday, 29 October 2015

Amazon Fire Tablet Is A Must Buy

Amazon Fire Tablet is valued at an economical price of $50 only.
Amazon Inc. is one of those companies that really like to expand its product categories. The company was initially known as an online retailer, which is now the world’s largest online retailing company. It further expanded its business category and entered the smartphone and cloud computing businesses. According to recent news, it seems that the online retail giant is all set to make its way in the tablet business as well. The company will be launching a medium end inexpensive tablet that would cater the normal needs of a tablet user.
Amazon has named it as a ‘Fire’ tablet as well. The company named its first smartphone as a ‘Fire’ Phone too, which did not do much business since its launch. In the market, companies like Apple and Samsung currently make high-end tablets. Apple iPads are extremely overpriced and a normal individual might not be able to afford it. The quality is top notch but the price tag is on another level as well. Know that the least expensive iPad is priced at $269. Amazon has targeted this market. Its Fire Tablet is available for only $50.
The tablet has a metal body and its design cannot be compared to that of Apple iPads. Furthermore, its processor is a bit slow as well along with a smaller screen size. However, if you are comfortable with average performance, graphics, and screen display or resolution, then this tablet does deliver amazing value. Fortune puts the situation in this way, “A price tag like that makes it hard to gripe about the Fire’s flaws. You are buying a Ford Fiesta, here, not a Lexus. Both will get you to your destination; one just does it slower and without all the bling.”
The company is still focused to keep selling all of its movies, TV shows, music, and books instantly, which are not included in its Prime program. However, it believes that its new Fire tablet can do wonders alone in the market. According to Fortune, the company expects all Fire tablet buyers to have a Prime subscription. Amazon Prime membership is available for purchase at a price of $99 where it offers a lot of free content with it such as music, movies, TV shows, books, and an excellent two-day shipping service to its members.
Amazon, at this moment, does not want to compete with Apple in the high-end tablet market. It has targeted a perfect audience that is looking for an inexpensive average tablet. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Alibaba Adds Russian Merchants In Order To Expand

Alibaba decides to add Russian merchants and markets to boost its sales.
Alibaba is looking to expand its market as globally as possible due to the recent news of a decline in China’s economy soon. It is opening its market to Russian merchants in order to increase sales and has already added Russian shops, such as Wikimart and Incity to its marketplace, named AliExpress.
Alibaba group will launch this facility on November 11. It said in an email, according to Business of Fashion, the market would consist of Russian goods in its online stores. Russia’s locals now are using internet shopping more than ever and this is a great opportunity for the e-commerce company to launch Russian products to capture the wide market. It has not evidently missed the opportunity.
The online Chinese business has 22 million monthly users in Russia. Its international online market was previously worth $1 billion in the first half quarter according to data insight. The online shopping convenience is trending rapidly in Russia because of the attractive packages, sales, and prices. The platforms that are used the most in the country are Alibaba Express and among many others.
The act of collaborating with Russian merchants to increase its sales in this market is the best step that the company has taken. Online sales from China have already had an increase of 50% in the beginning of 2015 due to the weakening Russian currency and recession contributing to the decrease of the purchasing power of the locals; hence, they are now turning their faces towards the online easy and affordable online market.
The business development director of Alibabaexpress commented, “In choosing partners, we focused on categories of good that are in high demand in Russia, and highlighted Russian brands and companies that manufacture products in Russia.”
Alibaba is already expanding to Europe and has appointed employees specifically for those tasks in France, Italy, and Germany. The Single’s Day event, from which it profited last year, is ahead and since the never-ending expansion, this time it might be even bigger than expected.
Without doubt, the online market will get affected from China’s economy since it is investing such a huge sum of money in its expansion worldwide and is now focused on market outside its hometown and rural markets domestically. It should keep this in focus for now. Many other companies existing in China are also vulnerable to the economic fluctuation, which bothers investors as well.
Alibaba stock is selling at $71.76 today.