Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Apple Inc Secret Virtual Reality Team

In order to keep up with the dynamic competition, the Californian tech giant is finding ways to develop latest and high technology devices.

The future prospects of augmented and virtual reality are bullish. Many companies are working on their virtual reality headsets –among them Facebook Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. The Cupertino, Calif. firm is not behind in the race of developing high tech gadgets for the consumers.
According to Journal, it has recently acquired New York based Flyby Media –a startup specializing in image recognition. It has also been hiring industry experts for some time now to boost its augmented and virtual reality team. Sources close to the company has revealed that the number of people in such team is more than 100. Allegedly, few of the team members have already worked for Microsoft HoloLens and Lytro’s light field camera. Moreover, leading researcher in virtual and augmented reality, a computer science professor at Virginia Tech, Doug Bowman is also part of the company’s team.    
Sources privy to the matter has said that the $540 billion organization has been researching on the technology for over a decade. On a conference call with analysts on Tuesday, when Tim Cook was asked about his views on the technology he said: “I don’t think it’s [virtual reality] a niche. It’s really cool and has some interesting applications.” 
Google’s cardboard VR has already launched in the market for $20. It uses a smartphone as a screen and there are hundreds of virtual reality apps available to be downloaded, Apple’s app store has them too. Similarly, Facebook is all set to launch its highly anticipated Oculus Rift headset. Recently, the social networking giant set up a whole division for the development of virtual reality headset. Therefore, the Silicon-Valley business “secret virtual reality team” is busy in working on its new project.
Moreover, back in 2008, Apple had filed for patent to United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). There have been reports that USPTO has granted a patent to the company. Later in 2013, the tech titan purchased PrimeSense –an Israeli motion-sensing company. Also, last May, the Californian firm had acquired Metaio, a German-augmented reality firm working on technology. Later in November, it acquired Faceshift –a startup that captures facial expressions and turns them into digital avatars.
Although, Apple has not given an official statement regarding its new project however considering all the factors including the company’s acquisitions and the rival companies’ development of products, it can be said that the $540 billion company will not be left behind. The company itself was built on the basis of developing and selling the devices that access the digital world.
Although, the company has a lot in its pipeline however the investors and analysts are still skeptical about the stock. Moreover, it is also on the verge of losing its title of “most valuable company” to Alphabet Inc. –Google’s parent. The latest quarter results have shaken the company and it had been criticized that it has reached its “saturation point.” Amidst such things it has to come up with devices which can efficiently compete with the rivals. 43.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Twitter Welcomes Former Employee Of American Express As New CMO

Leslie Berland, who previously worked at American Express, is hired as Twitter's new chief marketing officer; CEO welcomes her via tweet.

Twitter recently lost its four senior executives this month, who are now going to work at many of its rivals, including Instagram. A former employee of American Express, Leslie Berland, is welcomed by the CEO of the social media business as the new chief marketing officer.

Twitter Inc. lost four executives this month and had been looking for potential individuals to fill up these positions. Leslie Berland is now going to be working as the new chief marketing officer of the social media platform, who was previously working at American Express as its senior vice president. This indicates her experience in marketing, developing partnerships, and advertising. She joined the financial institution in 2005 working in its social media strategies.

The CEO of the social media platform, Jack Dorsey welcomed the new addition in the senior executive department. He tweeted, “Welcoming @leslieberland to Twitter! She will join as our CMO to help tell the stories of our iconic!” Mr. Dorsey is restructuring the entire business, which has to be done, as it is not reaching the success that was expected.

The social media network’s shares have been reported to drop by almost 35% in 2015, and now reported to lose many of senior executive. It has to focus hard to changes its strategies and business model in order to succeed. Berland, on other hand, is excited to join the social media company and called it to be a service like no other. She mentioned of how it has managed to change the world in a way and the manner of individual communication – not only this, but its representation of entertainment, inspiration and even information as well.

Leslie Berland believes that the social media network has the power to change the way people communicate. This is the most powerful tool any business can possibly hold. She is very happy to have the opportunity to work with Jack Dorsey and his team, according to her statement.

It is no longer a shock that the social media adverting company has been known to make huge effort to increase its sluggish user growth, which has not worked out so well. How Jack Dorsey is going to bring the share up of Twitter again and how will he change its future is still not known. Leslie Berland is evidently ready to accept the challenge.

Twitter stock closed at $16.50 after going red by 1.67% on January 28, Thursday.