Monday, 11 April 2016

Facebook Live Surfaces To All Users

Facebook Live Videos can be the next big thing for the company.
Facebook Inc. made an announcement that its live streaming video service will surface to all its users who have their latest application installed. Facebook Live surfaced via the Mentions app where the launch was limited to a niche audience (public figures). The company has now expanded the user base encompassing iOS and Android users of Facebook.
As per the social media giant, the feedback it has gotten has from consumers has encouraged it to surface the app for the masses.
Facebook has come up with the functionality of allowing Events and Facebook Groups to go live. All those who have similar interests can access live videos of the recent events in case they miss out on them. The option can act as a great platform for events and startups that need such publicity and limelight to pull off a successful event. It is a common observation that Facebook users’ makes events and groups for birthdays, thus all those who are not attending can see the action live. Moreover, fitness groups will also benefit as they can now broadcast classes for all those who cannot show up.
The company seems to be devoted to this new platform thus it is also making it interactive and immersive by adding Replay comments, Live Reactions, and Filters. The Live Reactions will be similar to Facebook’s recent feature “Reactions” where user can express their Love, Haha, Sad, Wow or Angry on the live streams. Since every reaction acquired matters thus the company will make use of the user’s profile picture along with an animation so that broadcasters exactly know how one is feeling. Apart from making use of Live Filters, the broadcasters can draw or doodle on the videos.
The tech giant wants as many users as possible to watch live. Thus, they have also added an option to help those users who wish to invite their loved ones to a broadcast. A push notification can be sent through the help of the invite icon to get friends onboard without the need to close the broadcast video. The mobile app also has another tab that has a video icon placed devoted to live videos. This tab comprises of all the broadcasters that are popular along with all those subscribed by the users. The tab can also be used to go through non-live videos which clearly highlight the company’s devotion to video based content.
On the desktop version of Fb, Live Map has also been added that particularly caters to the visual representation of live broadcasts. In almost 60 countries, users have been given the leverage to initiate lice video videos. Having a map present is a smart and creative way to gauge the various areas around the globe that are having live broadcasts at any instance. The new metrics can be used by all those pages who share live videos.
Hence, Live videos can be the next big thing for Facebook who is striving hard and trying out different means to increase video viewership on its platform.

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