Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cheaper Ticket Can Be Bought Online Now All Thanks To Delta

Delta can afford to give its customers lesser prices on booking offline tickets.

Delta Airlines have changed the rules and this time it is in the favor of the customers who can now purchase tickets and make booking without any extra charges. The air carrier can afford to this according to its first quarter earnings reports for this year not only this but it has been benefiting immensely because of the low jet fuel prices. Now the customers deserve a little bit of good news. 
The air traveling company along with many others in the market added extra fees for making booking offline, which has shockingly been put an end by Delta. The consumers of the United States can now buy and book tickets online without any extra payments and charges. They can now make booking through their phones and at the counter at ease the president of the company, Glen Hauenstein on Thursday. 
The fees and charges before for the customers was $35 if they purchased or made a booking at the airport other than the ticket counter and a $25 fees on tickets booked via phones. The president of Delta Airlines made a statement saying that the extra fees not being charged any longer is going to make things easy for the customers. The giant air carrier reported an income of $4.5 billion last year, which was more than the year before by 29% thanks to the low jet prices. 
Delta believed that charging customers extra for booking tickets without interactions would encourage them to come and interact with the employees of the company directly more often. Thankfully, the airline has finally made the decision to not do that to the customers. The company did not reveal its earnings through these extra charges but it is safe to say that it must have made hundreds of dollars. 
The reservation fees was imposed by Delta airlines in 1999 and it has been playing with the fees since then. Extra fees were added to tickets in 2005 that were bought through the phone or at the airport and was initially only $5, which later became $25 and $35 respectively. Many airlines did the same and started to justify this move by saying that the fees was to cover the extra costs for hiring employees at the call center.
A spokesman for the company said that the uplift on extra fees is done so that customers can be awarded the facility to customize their experience free of charge as much as they like. Consumers no longer have to worry about paying extra no matter where they get or book their tickets from which is good news for them but only time will tell if it is a smart move for the business of Delta or not.

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